Art – Spirit – Community

Date & Time
Tuesday, March 25, 2014
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Discussion series exploring the links made between Art and Spirit.

This week, Paul Ohannesian, a long time parishioner at St. Mary’s will be our presenter. Paul is active in the parish community: singing in the choir, as well as playing the piano and organ.  In the narthex we see not only his paintings but also his calligraphy in the Memorial Book.  There are more of his paintings in the sanctuary and it was Paul who laid down our beautiful labyrinth in the gym.
Paul’s profession is that of an architect.  But, prior to choosing that profession, Paul had wanted to devote his major artistic effort to developing his knowledge and skills as a composer.  He never entirely lost that interest and you might recall listening to Susan playing one of his compositions Live in Peace at her Remembrance Day concert.
We’ll hear from Paul about his experiences of the inter-relationship between Art, Spirit and Community in several fields of art:  drawing, painting, architecture and music.  He wants to pursue the idea that “art” has become a scary word to people whereas it’s a beautiful word to describe one way that our community makes contact with God’s Holy Spirit.


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