Servers at St. Mary's

Worship Ministries

Chancel Guild
Meets: Four meetings a year at the church – 1. Annual General Meeting 2. Easter Planning and General Meeting 3. Harvest Planning and General Meeting 4. Christmas Planning and General Meeting
Contact: Margy Knox, Chancel Guild President

The Chancel Guild prepares the altar table for each Eucharist celebrated at St. Mary’s and
arranges the flowers given each Sunday in memory of loved ones. They are also responsible for caring for the silver, brass, linens, hangings and vestments belonging to St. Mary’s. The church is beautifully decorated for each festival – Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving – by the Chancel Guild. The brocade hangings are cared for and changed for each season, Saint’s Days, weddings, funerals, and baptisms. The Chancel Guild purchases the Confirmation Cake to celebrate the Confirmation candidates each spring.

Currently there are 60 members divided into 7 teams who participate in a roster for the weekly work. Our men’s team is responsible for changing the hangings. We welcome new members of all ages and sexes for any services. We have a great time working together to keep our worship home beautiful.

Coordinator: Mary Day
Phone: 604-261-4228

This ministry team carefully counts and records all the money that has been received during the week including the Sunday collections. Contributions of identifiable giving is noted and provided to the treasurer in the church office. This task takes about two hours each week. We take pride in balancing the recorded totals with the bank deposits.

Eucharistic Ministers
Meets: There are no regular meetings of this group, although training events are held occasionally during the year. Eucharistic Ministers serve at Communion whenever and wherever a Eucharist service is being held – most frequently at St. Mary’s but may also include going to seniors’ homes.
Contact: Judith Parkes
Phone: 604-681-4088

The Eucharistic Ministers assist at the Eucharist serving the wine and occasionally the bread. They also assist with clearing the table at the end of Communion. There is usually one Eucharistic Minister at the 8 am service, four at the 9:15 am service and one at the 11:15 am service on Sundays. Eucharistic Ministers are also needed at special services such as Christmas Eve, Easter Vigil, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, etc.

Meets: Occasional workshops
Contact: Susanna Egan
Phone: 604-261-1533

We are, quite simply and quite crucially, people who pray and who are comfortable to lead the prayers of the people during Sunday services. We use liturgies from various prayer books or we compose our own prayers. Members are placed in a roster so that each person leads prayer during Sunday only every five to six weeks. We are always grateful for new voices and welcome newcomers. If you are interested in participating but too shy to start on your own, current team members would be happy to meet with you or even share the work.

Servers Guild
Meets: Servers are needed at all regularly scheduled services
Contact: Susan Chinnery
Phone: 604-340-6049

The servers assist during church services by providing support to the clergy in any way needed to enhance the celebration. As well as processing and recessing with the cross and helping to set and clear the altar for communion, we also assist by holding books, cloths and candles during baptisms, and other duties as needed by the clergy. Servers also provide strong leadership through leading congregational responses. We welcome volunteers for all services, and ongoing training is provided.