Faith House

Faith House Intentional Community at St. Mary’s Kerrisdale

God has made us all one great human family. In the history of God’s Great Family people not related to each other, have from time to time chosen to live together in the community. These communities have flourished in a variety of ways and for a variety of purposes.

Some of the most famous Christian communities are convents and monasteries. In these places, people dedicate their lives to a simple rule and live with a common purpose whether it is prayer, study, working in a hospital or school.

At St. Mary’s we recognize that building community is an important part of God’s plan for the world. We offer a community meal, worship as gathered community, meet in small groups and take communion regularly. Our communities are meant to give us encouragement, companionship and other mutual benefits which help us live our lives well before each other and before God.  This year we begin a pilot project on community, with four adults moving into our rectory in order to explore community and discern whether or not St. Mary’s can host an intentional community in the years to come.

The pilot project involves:

1. Individuals choosing to move into the rectory and pay rent to St. Mary’s.
2. Exploring together different forms of the Christian community and crafting a rule of life particular to the St. Mary’s ethos and mission.
3. Discerning participants individual vocations in the world.
4. Meeting regularly as a community to eat and discuss matters of faith and life.
5. Integrating participants into the wider family of God at St. Mary’s and beyond.

Through the year, we will check in with this group to see how they are progressing under the guidance and mentorship of the clergy team at St. Mary’s Kerrisdale. With your prayer and support, this pilot project can grow and become a place of healing, mentoring and discernment for young adults who are seeking to live their lives well.

How you can pray and support this pilot project:

1. Remember the names of the participants who are helping us shape this community.
2. Pray that we might learn together the right sort of community for St. Mary’s.
3. Share words of encouragement with the participants either face to face or dropping off a note.
4. Cook a meal for the community.
5. Accept the various invitations this community will send out in order to connect with the St. Mary’s family.

Faith House Garden – Lettuce harvested for St. Mary’s Community Meal